Wonderful Features Of OBERLO For Great Online Business

December 18, 2021


Extensive changes can be made to your products descriptions, you can change or add images and change your product titles.

E-Packet Filter

This filter allows you to choose items that have the fastest delivery times and

only import those specific items.

Wish Lists

You can create multiple wish lists for Ali-express products, and you do not have

to change over to import the wish list products – you can import these directly

from your wish lists.

Sales Tracking Dashboard

With the sales tracking dashboard you keep track of your costs, earnings, and


Multiple User Accounts

This feature gives you flexibility as it allows people other than yourself to

manage your online store.

Existing Products Can Be Connected

If you are already selling products from Aliexpress you can connect these to


Automation for Pricing

The ability to create pricing rules so that you can do bulk product pricing instead

of individual pricing.

Tracking of Shipments

With the integrated order tracking, you can check up at all times on your orders.

Switch Suppliers

You can change from one supplier to another easily to take advantage of the best

prices available.

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