Why Shopify Is Great For Your Online Business

For Beginners

The e-commerce platforms can be overwhelming for anyone starting out in the

dropshipping business and Shopify makes it as easy as possible. They offer tools

to help you set up your Shopify account and are very dropshipping friendly.

To assist new clients, Shopify regularly post tutorials to assist customers in using

the retail platform as well as case studies to assist people with questions. They

also post success stories regularly to encourage new entrepreneurs who may

have doubts about starting out in business.

Free and Paid-For Templates and Themes

Shopify has a huge variety of professional themes and templates available that

are ready to use when you set up your Shopify store. The templates are customer

orientated and mobile-ready. All the templates are extremely responsive and

easy to operate. A huge plus for a person starting out in dropshipping is that you

are not restricted to only paid for templates and themes. The free templates work

great and you do not have to fork out extra cash right from the start. You have to

option to upgrade to paid for themes and templates at a later stage if you want to

have more extra features and enhanced customization.

SEO Functions Are Built-In

All forms of e-commerce is very competitive and fast growing. You need all the

help and support you can get to make it easier to succeed. The majority of

entrepreneurs are not SEO experts and this can be a very time-consuming part of

their business. Shopify takes all the hard work out of SEO for you by giving you

all the features you need to make you very visible to search engines and be

indexed. Search engine visibility is a critical necessity for any business today.

Features available to use are:

● Adding and editing of meta tags.

● Ability to add product descriptions.

● Arranging products in collections.

Cross Channel Sales

The ability to do cross channel selling is a huge boost for your business. You can

connect your Shopify store with a Facebook page and use the Shopify app for

direct sales, thereby increasing your potential client base hugely. Social

networking is incredibly powerful as a marketing tool and you can do cross

channel sales on other platforms, such as Twitter and Pinterest. Do some

research and find those platforms that allow cross channel sales.

An Extensive App Store

To assist their clients, Shopify has developed a large number of apps that

expands the capabilities of your Shopify store. These plugins and extensions

enable you to pick the ones that best fit your specific needs for your Shopify

store. With over 1,500 apps to choose from, both paid and free you can performtasks such as checking stock availability and reporting, perform customer service

and connect much easier with social media. All these tools and apps focus on

increasing your sales and potential customer base and enhancing your online



Problems crop up in business, even with the best support, or you have issues you

are not sure how to handle. The Shopify community forum is a great place to ask

questions, raise concerns, or get advice from people around the world who use


Language Support

The Shopify platform supports all languages and this is an important feature.

You can use the language of your choice for your store, your checkout, and all

your email communication with clients.

Oberlo Takes Shopify to the Next Level

When Shopify acquired the Oberlo app in 2017, it shook up the whole world of

e-commerce and all Shopify sellers gained huge benefits. With Oberlo, you

connect to Aliexpress, the biggest online retail platform in China and the far


The Oberlo app is for the exclusive use of sellers on Shopify, it does not work

with the other online retail platforms.

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