Why Ebay Is The Best For Online Business

Benefits of eBay Dropshipping

Ease of Operation

eBay is easy for anyone to negotiable with basic computer skills. It is set up to

assist you in creating your store in minimum time and simple to use in operating

your store. You have access to numerous plugins and tools to assist you.


eBay is an incredibly popular online auction platform with a never ending stream

of visitors looking to purchase every possible item across the broadest spectrum.

This gives your eBay dropshipping business the very high visibility you need to

attract as many potential customers possible in your niche.

Due to the huge number of daily visitors on eBay that can view your listings,

you have the potential of making sales with less effort and at the best possible


Technical Skills Not Required

You do not need any technical skills whatsoever to set up and operate your eBay

store. Everything is put in place for you and you just have to concentrate on

sourcing and listing your products.


The very large audience that your business has access to means you do not have

to spend money on intensive marketing or invest in paid traffic and SEO. This is

important especially when you are starting out in the dropshipping business


Fraud Evaluation System

The evaluation system that eBay has put in place helps the seller and the buyer.

On completion of each sale both the customer and the seller have the opportunity

to evaluate the experience, give a positive, neutral or negative rating and leave a

comment about the specific sale, this helps in fraud prevention.

The evaluation system helps to alert you as the seller when customers leave out

of the ordinary negative evaluations. You then have the option to reject the sale

and have the option to explain the reasons why the sale was rejected. Please note

though that this applies to out of the ordinary circumstances only. The seller may

not leave negative observations under normal circumstances; the only options

the seller is allowed is to give praise and a review.


eBay has integrated Paypal, and this enables you to accept real-time payments

and this provides the seller much needed protection.


Your rating on eBay tells potential customers what your eBay credit rating is.

eBay uses three rating levels to evaluate all sellers. The ratings are based on the

quality of the service you provide and your sales history. The evaluation ratings

are done each month, and in e-commerce, the rating system can bring more customers or if your rating is very poor, it will have a very negative impact on

your business.

Top Rated

This rating shows all potential customers that you have reached the minimum

sales target that is required for this rating. This rating also makes you eligible for

Top Rated Plus listing benefits on condition that you maintain the listing prerequisites.

Above Standard

You have met the minimum eBay standards required of all sellers and your

customer service is acceptable.

Below Standard

You have failed to reach one or more of the minimum standards set by eBay for

for customer service. A below standard rating may result in eBay taking punitive

measures by dropping your listings to a lower down in the eBay search results.

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