What Are The Immediate Great Benefits Of Yoga ?

Yoga Health Benefits

The health benefits of yoga are varied and seemingly endless. I’m sure you’ve heard all about how yoga can reduce stress and increase flexibility…but whatelse?


— With yoga you’ll learn to engage muscles that you aren’t used to having to rely on, which will in turn improve your overall stability and balance.


— By practicing yoga regularly, you’ll also increase your performance output in other forms of physical exercise. Whether it’s during a heated a game of basketball or in the bedroom you’ll have much greater energy levels because of yoga.

Core Strength

— The core is the powerhouse of your body and yoga helps teach you how to engage it properly in all aspects of your life. When your core is strong you’ll have better posture, which means you can say “Buh-bye!” to back pain.

Mind-Body Control

— One of the great benefits of regular yoga practice is that it helps you hone in on your mental distractions and stressors and eventually you learn to ignore them or even let them go altogether.

When it comes to your body, you’ll be much more aware of each and every part and be able to operate at your optimal level—always.

Improved Strength Overall

— By utilizing even the most minute muscles in your body during each pose, you’ll be developing incredible strength in areas you never knew existed. I’m not saying yoga will make you ripped,but it will definitely help to tone and shape you into a more streamlined version of yourself.

A Healthier Heart

— Since yoga is a major de stress-or, it definitely helps increase the shelf life of your heart and even lower your blood pressure. Not to mention, by reducing the inflammation in your body, you’re going to be much less likely to suffer from heart disease. That’s reason enough alone to give yoga a chance!


— Certain yoga poses and sequences help in the detoxification and cleansing process. How? Well, when it comes to inversions (any pose where your heart is positioned above your head) it helps to keep lymph moving throughout your system and is incredibly efficient at it. Not to mention, the sweating alone is great for purifying your body and skin.

Better Sleep

— By reducing stress and helping you achieve a state of inner calm, yoga can actually increase the effectiveness of your sleep. When you practice yoga regularly, your mind becomes clearer and therefore you have an easier time “shutting it off” when you’re trying to get to sleep, with less to worry about. I’ll take it!

This definitely isn’t an exhaustive list of all the amazing health benefits that yoga provides, but I hope that they’re compelling enough to convince you to at least give yoga a try if you’re still on the fence.

To Keep in Mind

In order to prevent and avoid injury during your yoga workout, there are a few things I want to go over and make you aware of. Yeah, I get that yoga is pretty low-impact and might not seem that intimidating. But that’s one of the dangers of it as well. When you jump into the practice without so much as a second thought it opens you up to a lot of subtle (and not-so-subtle) injuries.

Here are a few tips:

Listen to your body—if something feels painful then you need to pull back. A productive stretch will feel a little bit uncomfortable, but you should still be able to breathe easily and steadily. If you can’t, chances are you’re too far into it and need to ease up. Always warm up before going to your static stretches

Breathing is a major component of a proper and effective yoga

workout, so be sure you’re checking in with your breathing

throughout each pose.

Be sure to keep a slight bend in your knees so that you aren’t

overextending your joints and setting yourself up for injury

Never force your body to do something you think it should be able to do. Just because you were able to do a back bend 15 years ago with no problem doesn’t mean you should jump right in and try it today. Give your body time to adjust.


Keep in mind that if you suffer from (or simply want to prevent) any form



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