What Are The Best Plugins For Your E-COMMERCE Business

Plugin SEO

This plugin is available in the Shopify app store. There is a free version available

as well as a paid for version. The free version of Plugin SEO advise when there

are any issues with how your website performs on the search engines. It also

provides basic SEO techniques.


AliDropship is a paid for plugin and provides the Aliexpress dropshipping

plugin for WordPress. This is a plugin designed for users who import products

from the Aliexpress marketplace. This plugin is hugely popular as the majority

of features are automated.

Alidropship Woo

This is the Alidropship plugin designed to work with WooCommerce and is a

paid for plugin. This version of the plugin is more advanced as it is a newer

design and provides enhanced features, making it a better option than the generic

original version of the plugin.

Content Egg

This rugged plugin is designed for WordPress and very popular with users. It is

designed to update your product information.

Product Reviews

This WordPress plugin is used for product reviews and has all the standard

features needed for reviewing your products on offer.


This plugin comes in two versions. The standard option is free and the advanced

features option is paid for. Dropshix tracks shipments provides auto-

synchronized real-time reports. It comes with an integrated extension for



MailChimp is an email marketing plugin that assists you in doing email

marketing for your business. This is a valuable tool for all e-commerce

businesses to send out emails in bulk to alert customers to new products


Integration Options

It has integration options with social media, for instance Facebook, plus access

testing and scheduling to boost your open rates. No limitations on image hosting

at no cost enhances your marketing.


MailChimp offers several standard templates, but you have the option to import

your own templates as well. You can customize the standard templates offered

as well with easy point-and-click editor without the need for coding expertise.


This plugin is offered free for a maximum of 2,000 contacts. Their logo is

displayed on your subscription form and your campaign. The upgraded version

of the plugin gives you more options

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