What Are The Best Ideas On Climate 2022 And Future?

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Climate Change 


Why are we so focused on highly technical and hugely expensive
fixes to the Earth’s climate problems? Perhaps the reason is a belief
that complex systems need complex solutions? Or maybe it’s our
mindset, which says that if relatively complicated engineering got us
into this mess, why shouldn’t we use technology to get us out? But
what if we went in the opposite direction? What if, instead of building
mirrors or curtains in space, or spraying seawater into the air, we
simply changed human behavior? What if we used pricing or taxation
to modify everyday life? For example, if the purchase price or use of
an electric tumble dryer became exorbitantly expensive, many people
would rapidly switch to a simple clothesline instead.

Below are Some of the Ideas that should be implemented

2022 World’s first large-scale ocean fertilization trial begins

2025 .Carbon capture technologies widely adopted

2027. Large areas of Venice, Miami and Dhaka abandoned due to flooding

2030. Creation of artificial forests to scrub carbon from the air

2040 .Development of cloud whitening above the world’s

2050 .The global space mirror project abandoned

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