What Are The Best Flickr Features For Your Business

Personalize Your Profile.

Add a photo of yourself and a bio that

focuses on personal (not business) identity. Remember:

Flickr doesn’t like commercial use, and you don’t want to get warned or blocked.

~ Upload Your Photos.

Transfer your photos to your computer from

your digital camera. Flickr also accepts videos up to 90 seconds in

length. Make sure you tag and describe your photos with good

keywords and interesting captions. Don’t forget to use the RSS icons

to share your new photos with all your other social media sites and

to add them to the social bookmarking sites too.

~ Find Friends.

Invite your e-mail list and your other social media

friends to join you on Flickr. Tread carefully when making new

friends, and base your introductions on the quality of content and a

meaningful comment about their photos. Make quality connections

and don’t spam. It’s not about quantity. Remember to keep it

personal and don’t even think of selling.

~ Your Photostream.

When you upload photos, your photos appear in this section.

~ Explore.

This is the fun part. It’s like flipping through the world’s

collective photo albums. You’ll find everything and anything. It can

be addictive!

~ Flickr Blog.

A great way to find new content, see what others are

doing, and learn more about the community.

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