What are the Best features of Youtube For Business ?

~ Find Friends.

YouTube is part of social media, and inviting

everyone you know to your new account is just being sociable. You

can import friends from your e-mail account, let your Facebook and

Twitter friends know about your new YouTube channel, and search

for people you know one at a time. Get to know the community

before you invite strangers.

~ Subscriptions.

When you find YouTube content that you think is

helpful, interesting, or useful, you can subscribe to that user’s RSS

feed. Remember to use social bookmarking to let others know when

you’ve found a gem. The Subscriptions section will cluster your

favorite channels and their newest videos, to keep you from having

to go looking for them.

~ Recommended for You.

Based on what you’ve shown that you like,

YouTube makes suggestions of other videos you might enjoy. It’s a

great way to find new and valuable information.

~ Inbox.

Once you begin uploading and subscribing to videos, you’ll

begin to hear from the community through personal messages,

comments, friend invitations, and other messages. You can also use

messaging to reach out to people who have posted content you

enjoy, which is the best way to make new YouTube friends.

~ Recent Activity.

This module lets you see all the new content your

friends have recently added, even if you don’t subscribe to their

channel. It also shows you their newest favorites and video ratings.

(Hint: Everything you do is also visible to everyone else, so be


~ Featured Videos.

YouTube picks its own favorites and lets you

know about it.

~ Videos Being Watched Now

. A great way to see what’s trending and what’s hot.

~ YouTube blog.

The best way to pick up hints, tips, and news to

become a power user.

~ Account Settings.

Lets you customize the modules on your home

page, set up your profile, create a blog, and manage your privacy

and e-mail.

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