Unique Companies Daring Artificial Intelligence in Kenya

January 28, 2022

1.  Sigma Data Systems

Sigma understands the criticality of each piece of data in today’s world and in the next generation.

2. Instinctools

Instinctools has been a reliable technology partner in various
industries for over 20 years. We advise our customers on the path of digital transformation and turn their visions into reality.

3. SovTech

SovTech is a bespoke software development service provider, offering end-to-end software solutions to a wide variety of FinTechs, enterprises, and start-ups.

4.Postindustria LTD

Why Postindustria?
A team of elite engineers and product designers who have been working together for over a decade. We have the technical capabilities you need to transform your business. 3 exits, 6 internal products, 0 ego, just execution.

5.Querysoftke Technologies

QuerySoftKe Technologies Limited is a top information technology and web design company in Kenya that provides information communication technology (ICT) solutions, products and services using ultra-modern technologies.

6.Lafont Innovation LLC

We have categorized our operations in two significant segments below, which focuses on the development and expansion of Lafont Innovations Limited.

7.Tose Tech. LTD

Our goal is to provide to our clients with leading Accounting Tools,
Analytics Tools and Expert Consultant support, allowing our clients to rapidly identify the key insights that will best serve their customers and drive growth of their businesses.

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