Twitter Tricks To Hack Your Social Engineering

Most Twitter apps just give you the ability to track

information, use Twitter for specific purposes, or share certain kinds of

information. Some of the apps help you manage your Twitter page so that

you can make better use of your time. Here are some of my favorites:

~ (formerly TweetLater).

This site lets you load Tweets in advance and then schedule them over days or weeks. It’s a

lifesaver to help you keep a regular presence on Twitter when you

have other things to do.


Because you only have 140 characters, sharing a

link to a site, article, or video can be a problem. TinyURL generates

a unique, small link perfect for Tweeting.


Like groups on Facebook, Twibes is the place to join

up with like-minded people or find people you’d like to meet.


Fun way to make your Twitter site interactive

with yes/no polls and quizzes.


A directory of people and organizations on Twitter,

making it easier to find places to connect.


Helps you manage all your Twitter connections.


Like a Google Alert for Twitter, it helps you know

when you and your products are being discussed.


Makes it easier to stay logged into Twitter all day to

post updates and read new Tweets without having a browser open.


Helps you track what topics and keywords are

getting the most discussion.


Another way to find what everyone’s talking about

and join in to the high-buzz topics.


Makes it easy to have your blog and other sites

update your Twitter page.


Find Twitter events and users close to your

geographic area.

Once you start to use Twitter, you’ll find more apps and add-ons that fit

your specific needs, so enjoy exploring!

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