Top Reasons EBAY Is Not The Best For Online Business

Drawbacks of eBay Dropshipping


There are several different fees payable when you have an eBay store. When you

use an online platform to sell you incur fees that would not be applicable if you

only sold your products through your own website. The profit margin on online

expense. If you sell products with add-ons, the fees will go up with each extra add-on you choose.


You have no options for customization of your store to make you memorable to

customers. Everything is standardized with no options to inspire loyalty in

customers through targeted product or niche marketing or innovative sales


Niche Competition

Should your chosen niche products be popular, in general, you will have fierce

competition from other sellers on eBay with the same niche products and this

could lead to a price war between competing sellers.Customer Payments

Problems with non-payment by customers is a recurring problem on eBay as

errors at check out crops up frequently.


You must regularly monitor your listings if you want to be able to sell the

volume of products to make it viable to set up a drop-shipping store on eBay. To

make this task easier, there are several tools available to assist you in the task of

monitoring your listings.

Unfair Reviews

Customers are not always nice and grumpy people often leave angry, negative

reviews that are totally unfair. This is a problem for any business, but eBay does

not remove reviews, whether they are unfair or out of context to what problems

may have occurred. They will only remove a review under exceptional

circumstances. This creates a permanent record on your account and if too many

negative reviews are left, you face the possibility of your account being


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