Social Media Kings, YouTube and Flickr For Great Business Sales

Social Media, using YouTube and Flickr for Business

~ Use your digital video camera to record short (less than 5 minutes) video segments where you give an entertaining “how-to” on something in your area of expertise. You can also do a short commentary on a headline topic, share a few tips, or create a funny but meaningful short commercial.

Use your imagination.

~ Set up your own YouTube channel through regular video posts. You

could record tips, interview other business or thought leaders, or

chop up your webinars into small segments to share.

~ Add your YouTube videos to your homepage, or stream them with RSS to your podcast, blog, or other social media sites such as


~ Use social bookmarking to let everyone know when you’ve uploaded

new video.

~ Tweet about your new YouTube videos and get feedback.

~ Look for others doing interesting business videos and reach out to them. Tweet and bookmark their videos. Provide positive and

helpful comments. Connect outside of YouTube through Facebook or e-mail. Invite them to be your YouTube friends.

~ Encourage your friends, followers, and e-mail list to forward your videos and share them.

~ Embed a link to your newest video in your e-mail newsletter, or put a link to a particularly good video in your e-mail signature block.

~ Create a specially themed YouTube video series and then blog about it.

Announce the series premier via press releases, and set up an episode guide. Herald the last episode of the season, and host an online or real wrap party for friends and followers.

~ Repurpose webinars and speaking videos (ones for which you own the copyright) by chopping them into short segments and posting them as a series with new introduction/ending slides.

~ Encourage your clients and purchasers to create and upload videos of themselves using your product, and run a contest for the best video.

~ When you travel for business, create a video blog of the activity, and take viewers along for the ride. (Always ask permission before including anyone else on your video blog, make sure everyone looks professional, and don’t share anything that might embarrass anyone or infringe on someone else’s copyright.)

~ Because Flickr doesn’t want commercial content, you’ll need to tread carefully. But you’re a business person, so your photos can focus on the personality side of your experience.

~ Heading to a conference in an interesting location? Snap some

photos of the scenery and upload them to Flickr, then share them on your social media sites.

~ Having fun at a trade show or event? Share photos of yourself with friends and colleagues. (Always ask permission first and make sure everyone looks their best.)

~ Encourage your friends to take your book or product on vacation with them and send you video or photos of them with your book or product in exotic locales. Create a scrapbook of their travels.

~ Snap a photo of yourself in front of your store when it’s decorated for the holidays.

~ When you speak, win an award, or are otherwise featured, upload the photo with an appropriate caption.

~ Throw in some fun personal photos: your pet, a few vacation scenery shots, and the like. It’s okay to have a life. If you have a creative talent and want to showcase some artistic photography, create a folder and have fun! Prospects want to know that you’re a real person. (Note: Use caution when sharing anything that might be misinterpreted, and, as a general rule, avoid sharing photos of your children, home, or other highly personal settings.)

~ Make sure you tag and caption your Flickr photos to make them useful and meaningful, and then use RSS to automatically send your new photos to your social media sites.

~ Look for photos you enjoy on Flickr, and add useful and positive comments, join in the discussion, bookmark and Tweet about your finds, and get to know other users. Although Flickr doesn’t endorse mass friending or business promotion, when you get out and just meet people without an agenda or a time line, you’ll be amazed how you’re drawn to like-minded people with shared interests.

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