Handmade Crafts In Kenya

Our sisal baskets are created using traditional Kenyan basket weaving techniques that have been passed down through the generations and are still practiced by skilled crafts people today. All our baskets are completely handmade in Kenya of pure, sustainably-sourced sisal fibre.

The work that goes into making our baskets is a sincere labour of love that starts with harvesting the sisal plant (Agave sisalana). Its leaves are crushed to extract the fibres, which are dried, dyed with natural colourants and rolled before the weaving process begins.

The baskets we make are of the highest quality—versatile, durable and stylish for modern living. They come in a range of useful sizes and are available in both contemporary and traditional Kenyan colour combinations.

Can be used for home décor, rustic storage, chic organising, plant pot cover or displaying your favourite collections.



At the Kenyan Crafts Company, our mission is to bring beautiful Kenyan & African hand made crafts to the UK market place – From our heritage to your home.

Working closely with skilled artisans, we source and commission products that fuse ancient craft traditions with fresh, contemporary design. It’s a winning combination of old and new that delivers beautiful, durable homewares and stylish accessories that fit perfectly into a modern lifestyle.

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