Powerful Ways to Choose the Best Niche For You

What Is a Niche?

You need to specialize and focus on a specific product or a specific niche and

focus only on products that fall within your chosen niche. It is simply not

economically viable for a dropshipping business to grab around for products that

catch the eye, or a trend that is popular at the moment.

To determine which niche amongst the nearly countless niches available globally

can be tricky and deciding on one specific niche to specialize in can feel

overpowering for anyone new to the dropshipping business model. We will take

you through the best guidelines that will help you enormously to find the niche

that is right for you.

What Are You Passionate About and Interests You?

Jot down a list of things you feel passionate about, things that interest you

greatly that could be a niche for your dropshipping business. It is important to

choose a niche that you can relate to. You need to understand the product and

sell to customers with confidence knowing that you will be able to advise

customers in a professional manner if they have questions.

If you feel strongly about the niche you choose you will have greater

perseverance and determination to succeed even when problems crop up. If you

really don’t care at all about the products you sell, it will be far easier to quit at

the first bump in the road.

Many dropshipping companies have been started through the hobby of the owner

that turned into a successful business where products are on offer to people who

have similar interests.

Research Is Key to Your Success

It is one thing to be passionate and knowledgeable about the niche you want, but

you are starting a business that must be profitable. To determine if your niche

will create an income stream for you, you must backup your choice with in-

depth research.

Scrutinize the Top Products in Your Niche

Go to websites like Click Bank, Simple Goods, Selify for example and do a

search for the products you want to sell in your dropshipping business. The more

you find your niche products on offer, the better as it shows a demand. Should

you find these websites have none of your niche goods on offer, it shows that

your niche products are not in demand and has not been monetized successfully

by someone else.

Google Tools

Use Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends to search keywords and

keyword combinations relating to your niche. Google tools will provide you with

information about how often your keywords are being searched through search

engines. Google tools have various search options available for you to explore

and determine the demand for your niche products through searches made by


Google Trends analyze trends in online searches being made and tracks changes

in the volume of searches over periods of time. Statistics gathered by Google

Trends show any seasonal trends for the product search terms you used. This

gives you good insight into whether your nice products will have periods of high

demand and at other times during the year slow down, which indicates that

income from your niche products will fluctuate. Google Trends also provide data

on the locations from where searches are made for the keywords pertaining to

your niche products.

Social Media

Social media is very powerful and can be very helpful when you must decide which niche will work best for you. Look on Facebook and check what is being

said about your niche, how people are talking about your niche, and look for

groups and forums.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs play a big role in your profit margin. If it is too high, your

markup will push your selling prices up too much and prospective customers

will look for cheaper options elsewhere. Low shipping costs can also be used as

a marketing strategy and promotional tool if you can absorb the shipping costs

instead of passing it along with a substantial mark up in price. Free shipping

catches the attention of customers immediately and will lead to an increase in


Profit Margin

It is very important to keep in mind that the amount of work you put in to sell an

inexpensive product is exactly the same as the effort put in to market high-priced

items. It is therefore worthwhile to look for a niche with high-end products as

this will improve your profit margin overall.

Size and Weight

Too often when deciding to start a dropshipping company, people forget about

the physical size of the products they want to sell, and the weight of the product.

Shipping costs are annoying and everyone tries to avoid it at all costs. This is

very important as you can easily see your profits disappearing like mist if your

chosen niche products incur huge shipping costs.

Legal Marketing

Research the products you want to sell in depth and make very sure that you will

not have any legal issues. You must be able to sell your chosen niche products

anywhere. It is crucial that you are able to sell on online retail platforms, your

own website, and through social media without worries about whether you will get shut down for infringing any state or country laws.

Impulse Buyers

A huge percentage of online shoppers see something they like and they

impulsively buy the item. Online shopping has changed how people shop as they

literally have the world of shopping at their fingertips. When choosing your

niche, you should take this into account and the products you sell should be

appealing to the impulse buyers.

By selling products that appeal to impulse buyers, you immediately broaden

your customer base significantly. Yes, it is true, impulse buyers most often do

not become return customers. When you calculate over a period of time how

much income you generate through this type of sales, you will be surprised at

how much it adds up to.

Personal Interest

When you are really interested in something, your general knowledge of the

subject will be far more extensive in comparison to choosing a niche and

products that you have no interest in and have no knowledge about. Starting your

product search from a strong foundation of interest and knowledge make the

search more productive. You will be able to discard products faster that you are

not passionate about, or products of low quality that will not sell very well.

Professional Experience

Another strategy in the search for the best products to sell is to look at things

from having professional experience with such products. You may not be

passionate about the products, but instead have good knowledge about how it

works and what the pros and cons of the products are. You may have

encountered the products through your own experiences with them, or through

your job. The main thing here is that you will be able to answer questions from customers with confidence and give answers that are knowledgeable and factual.

Another advantage of choosing products from a professional viewpoint is that

you will know where there are gaps in the marketplace and where there is a

definite need for products in that industry.

Trends Versus Fads

Fads come and go, what could be the most popular today and be pushed aside

tomorrow. Your goal is to make money, so to capitalize you must first be able to

separate fad from trend. Fads are gimmicks that are non essentials and easily


When you look at trendy products to add to your niche, ask yourself two

questions. Does this product fulfill a need for people, and does the product solve

a problem for users. A trend fills a need or solves a problem whereas a fad is

interesting or fun for a few weeks or months and then people grow bored and

move onto something else that catch their attention.

What Frustrates and Annoys People?

Research your products by putting yourself in the shoes of a customer. What

annoyances and frustrations do people have that they have to contend with day

in and day out. The criteria is to find products that will make things easier for

customers, and something they would definitely want to buy.

Hobbies and Interest of Others

You do not have to be personally interested in a subject, instead do research into

the hobbies and interests of other people that has a market for the products

related to their interests. The best place to start is by doing a search for hobbies,

top hobbies, or trendy hobbies.

Another place you will find great information is going through hobby

magazines, especially hobbies that have dedicated magazines. Another research

tool is going through social media groups. See what they are talking about, what

they are buying and the jargon used. Note down words specific to a hobby, those

are invaluable search words to use.

Learn about the people who have specific hobbies as everything you learn about

your potential customer base can be used as marketing strategies for products

they are especially interested in.Local Availability

For your dropshipping company to be economically viable, you need to choose

your niche wisely. If your niche products are available freely at local retailers,

people will simply pop out and pick up the items from their nearest shop.

Humans are impatient and will not wait for products to be shipped to them if

they can easily pick it up on their way home from work.

You have access to global markets which broadens your supplier base greatly

and with research you will be able to find a great niche and products that

customers want that they cannot get at local stores.

Check What Your Competition Is Up To

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that if there is very little or no

competition for the niche you want, then that is great and you will dominate the

market in your niche. Do some research and see what competition you are up

against because there are usually good reasons why other companies are not

offering these specific products.

The reasons vary from the fact that there simply is no demand for these products

or there is so little profit to be made that other companies moved away from

these items. It may also be that the shipping and packing costs are prohibitive or

that production issues are so problematic that it is not profitable to invest in these


Your need to take all of the above factors into consideration when deciding on

the best niche for you.

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