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We’re a remote-first company and fundamentally optimistic about remote work. It gives people more flexibility, more freedom, and greater access to ideas and communities. We also think that it carries the potential to be more effective, more creative, and more fun than in-person work. We didn’t always think of it that way. When we founded Wonder (mid-2020), we were fans of in-person collaboration and had every intention of returning to the office as soon as COVID restrictions were lifted.

However, we have since changed our minds and fully adopted remote ways of working. Adjusting from in-person to remote is hard, and we get it. As the saying goes, “The office runs deep”; in order to succeed, teams will need to learn new ways of collaborating and challenge the ingrained perception that only in-person teams are successful.

Wonder is about a new collaboration paradigm for a future where people can be anywhere and teams are everywhere.
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