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At Clockwise, we love doing good work. That’s right, good work. We try to avoid exaggerations like great, amazing and incredible. You know a good thing when you see it. We don’t need to hype it up.

Good is to the point. Good is easy to grasp. Good is effective. Good is… good.

With marketing, good is gauged by results. Good design is not enough if the idea is bad. Good copy won’t save a bad design. And a good idea can be ruined by bad execution.

So we focus on the whole, starting with a strategy. “Why are we doing this?” “What are we trying to achieve?” “How will we measure success?” This gives us a solid foundation on which we conjure the creative, manage the delivery and monitor the performance.

And that’s how we keep coming up with the goods.


We don’t steal, we don’t worship false gods and we don’t covet our neighbor’s pencil sharpener. But more specifically to the work we do, these are the values that keep us good:


We don’t want to just knock out ordinary work; we want to be really good. So we keep our skills and knowledge honed through practice and learning.


We all share a curious streak, from obscure facts about toast to the workings of the human thumb. So please don’t think we won’t be interested in your business.


We make a principle of working collaboratively because two heads are better than one, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and many a mickle makes a muckle.


We don’t believe in sloping off when there’s work to be done. If we did, we would. That’s how dedicated we are. We let nothing stand in our way.


Similar to dedication but subtly different, reliability is the value of delivering on our promises. It’s what makes our clients trust us with their brand. That’s a lot of trust.


We believe in the benefits of honest, straightforward dialogue with our clients. It enables us to move obstacles out of the way. We do it every day and it works.

We are a curious, dedicated, reliable, transparent, collaborative team of experts. My goodness, that’s all our values in one! Individually we are imperfect. Together we are irresistible.
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