Kenya SEO Services

Kenyan SEO company with years of experience, Atysian World excels at strategizing and executing campaigns with a broad geographic scope. National campaigns require a great deal of research, strategic thinking and budgetary planning to be successful — it takes a national SEO expert to set up a winning campaign.

Balancing Budget and Keyword Focus for Kenya SEO

One of the biggest challenges for national SEO services is to strike the right balance between keyword selection and the campaign budget. Often, high-volume, high-converting keywords are extremely competitive, making success difficult without an enormous expenditure and several years of effort. For small, midsize and even large firms, a more feasible, budget-friendly strategy is to target mid-volume and longtail keywords, where the competition is not as fierce but the potential for conversions remains high.

Because our Kenya SEO Analytics Team has conducted keyword research for thousands of campaigns, we have developed a solid methodology for pinpointing the best keyword targets, one that includes taking a close look at volume, user intent, competitiveness and relevance. We also look for “quick win” keyword opportunities so our clients can begin to reap benefits earlier on in the campaign.  

Always Open Minded

Kenya SEO campaigns tend to be very complex, with changes continually being made to strategy and tactics over time, as campaign data comes in and receives analysis.

For this reason, and because it’s our natural business style, we stress transparency, open communication and information sharing with our clients at all times. Our belief is that a knowledgeable client is a great client, so we make every effort to let you know about the strengths, challenges and results of your campaign.

One way we accomplish this is through detailed but easy-to-digest monthly reporting. We show you our work — that is, what we actually did during the month to earn our keep. You will not experience any “smoke and mirrors” communication with us!

Beyond reporting, we assign a dedicated account manager to every Kenya SEO client. A big part of that individual’s job is to manage all communication between you and Atysian World— to make sure all of your questions are answered promptly and fully, and that all your ideas and feedback are understood by our campaign management team. Of course, clients are always free to contact anyone at our agency to discuss issues, but we have found that having a dedicated campaign manager skilled in project management and communication is immensely helpful in keeping campaigns running efficiently.