How To Use Essential Oils For Best Facial Masks & Scrubs

Face masks are skin-food for a natural healthy glow.

In the old days, women have made facial masks by using herbs, fruits, vegetables and other ingredients from the kitchen. It is the best way for us to feel beautiful inside and out.

In addition to fresh seasonal food, you can use many unexpected
ingredients to make best homemade masks at home. In this book, you’ll find nutritious face masks for all skin types. If you are seeking for high-quality ingredients to build the perfect skincare routine, the solution is at your fingertips.

Actually, there is nothing better than natural face mask!
Homemade face masks do wonders for your skin, they are an inexpensive, easy and fast way to improve the look of your skin.

You will get remarkably radiant results with these awesome homemade products made with fresh ingredients and finest natural oils. When you step into the magical world of natural and safe beauty products, nothing will ever be the same!


-Essential oils have amazing benefits for your skin
There are so many ways to incorporate awesome essential oils into your skincare routine.

In this chapter, you’ll find affordable and valuable essential oil recipes for everyday living.
Who would have ever imagined you would be capable of creating your own beauty products using inexpensive and simple materials and ingredients?
Save your money and improve your health!1.

Ginger essential oil
Ginger oil helps relieve muscle pain and rheumatism, as well as fractures.
Ginger oil is generally safe, but make sure not to use it in strong
concentrations. Please do a skin patch test before using ginger oil, especially if you have sensitive skin.
What you need

1 ½ cups olive oil

1 cup fresh ginger
1) Rinse your ginger thoroughly; allow it to dry completely or for a
few hours. Shred your ginger using a cheese grater.
2) Pour the olive oil into an oven-safe bowl. Add ginger and mix well to combine.
3) Transfer your mixture to the oven; leave it to simmer at 150 degrees for at least 2 hours.
4) Pour your mixture through an unbleached cheese cloth in order to filter ginger oil.
5) Pour the ginger oil into clean bottles; store in a cool and dry place. Store for up to 6 months.

2. Lavender essential oil
Thanks to its calming scent, lavender oil can be helpful in treating headaches, emotional stress, and depression. Lavender oil is one of the best essential oils in the treatment of acne, too. It has anti-fungal properties so it is used to treat different inflammatory conditions such as acne, psoriasis, wrinkles, and so on.

What you need

Lavender buds

Grain alcohol

A mortar and pestle

Coffee filters
1) Put the lavender into the mortar; use the pestle to crush the buds in
order to release the oil.
2) Now, transfer the crushed lavender buds to the glass jar; now cover
it with grain alcohol.
3) Allow the jar to sit in a sunny spot. Shake the jar several times a
day, for a few days.

4) Next, strain the liquid from the lavender buds using another jar and coffee filters.

3. Coconut and almond body butter

What you need

1/2 cup coconut oil

1 ½ tablespoons shea butter

2 drops sweet almond oil

15 drops orange essential oil

10 drops lavender essential oil
1) Throw the coconut oil, shea butter, and sweet almond oil into a
mixing bowl.
2) Beat your mixture with a hand mixer for a few minutes.
3) Now add the essential oils; continue to mix for about 7 minutes.
4) Transfer your body butter to a glass container; close with a lid. Store in a refrigerator.

4. Carrot body scrub

What you need

1 cup sugar

1/4 cup olive oil

Orange food coloring

8 drops lavender essential oil
1) Add the sugar and olive oil to a mixing bowl; now add orange food coloring.
2) Next, add the lavender essential oil to your mixture. Enjoy!

5. Lavender and vanilla hand moisturizer

What you need

3 ounces olive oil

2 ounces coconut oil

1 tablespoon dried calendula petals

1 tablespoon lavender buds

2 ounces beeswax pellets

2 ounces shea butter

10 drops lavender essential oil

5 drops vanilla essential oil
1) To make your infused oil, melt olive oil and coconut oil in the

2) Add the dried calendula and lavender. Let them stand for about 1 hour; then strain.
3) Add the infused oil back to the measuring cup; now add the
beeswax pellets. Melt again in the microwave.
4) Remove from heat; add the shea butter. Add the essential oils. Stir until everything is well combined.
5) Pour into a clean jar with a lid.

6. Summer hand scrub

What you need

1/2 cup sea salt

1/4 cup coconut oil, softened at room temperature

5 drops of tea tree oil

3 drops carrot seed essential oil

Juice of a 1/2 lemon
1) Mix all ingredients in a glass jar.
2) Use once or twice per week.7. Anti-aging facial serum
What you need

2 tablespoons sweet almond oil

4 drops lavender essential oil

2 drops rose essential oil

2 drops Helichrysum essential oil

2 drops sandalwood essential oil

2 drops geranium essential oil
1) Add all of the above ingredients to a dark-colored 1-ounce glass dropper bottle. shake each before use ,Enjoy

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