How To Be Successful With Ebay Online Business

Work Smart and Succeed at eBay Dropshipping

To be successful with dropshipping on eBay, you must be competitive as

dropshipping profit margins are low. Your aim is to sell as much as possible, but

more selling means more work for you to list, process orders through your

supplier, and ensure delivery of each sale one by one.


The best way to streamline your eBay workload is to find products within your

chosen niche that you can list on eBay as bulk listing or listings with variations.

This lowers your workload drastically as you list these products only once. If

you are unsure of how to use these listings, you can access all the information

you need in their help section. You can easily minimize time spent on re-listing

your products by adjusting the listing period.


Out of stock and discontinued products are a dropshipping business’s nightmare.

Your business cannot afford a string of negative reviews from disgruntled

customers and a high volume of complaints do not go unnoticed by eBay and

this could jeopardize your eBay store. eBay has very strict rules regarding and

will terminate your account if you get too many customer complaints.

To prevent any of this is not difficult. You have to be on top of your game and

get daily stock updates from your suppliers. Regularly check stock movements

of the products you order from your suppliers and take note when stocks get low.

Your reputation as a reliable seller means everything and there is simply too

much competition in e-commerce for you to neglect this most important aspect

of your business.

Customer Demographics

Your success on eBay depends on many factors. It is like building a puzzle. Each

piece of the puzzle has its place and must fit perfectly. The demographics of

your customers play an important role in this.

Build a profile of the people that would be interested in buying the specific

products that you offer. Their age group is also important as this will most likely

determine their daily routines are like. These demographics will give you a good

idea of what time of the day and even which days they are most likely to do theirshopping on eBay. This will allow you to adjust the times and days you do your

product listings.

Timing Is Key

The time of day, the day of the week and also the day of the month are all

important factors for listing your products to attract the most customers. The aim

is to attract as many customers as possible, make the sale as fast as you can, and

maximize your profits.

Peak hours obviously attract the most potential customers and for many

dropshipping companies this is the way to go. This is both a benefit and a

drawback for several reasons.

● Everyone wants to list during peak hours, so you will have much

more competition than during off peak traffic hours.

● Because of the sheer volume of people active on eBay during these

hours, you may find that the site operates much slower than usual and

this can be a huge problem near the time that an auction closes. People

jump around eBay stores, looking for the best prices and products and

as the site is slow, you can lose out on sales as customers might not get

to your listings in time before the auction ends.

Your customer demographics will help you greatly to avoid overwhelming

numbers of competitors and the peak hour rush if you have done your

demographic research into when your customers will be most likely to browse


For greater success, you need to balance the potential income during peak hours

and the time schedules of your target group. It all depends on what your niche

products are and whether your target group falls into the average shopper group

that will be shopping when just about everyone else is shopping, or whether they

will prefer other time slots to do their online purchases.

Customer Relations

At the heart of any business is the customer, and your goal for your dropshipping

business is not only to attract customers but also have them come back and place

more orders. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to build good

relationships with your customers.

Key to building positive relations is to gain a reputation for reliability.

Customers must be able to rely on being able to get the products that you havelisted and that you will make sure they get the parcels quickly and that it will

arrive in excellent condition.

Should a problem pop up, your customers must know that you stand behind them

and will move mountains to make sure that you find solutions and that they will

be happy with the results. No matter how stressful a problem situation is for you,

you cannot afford to ever be abrupt with customers, even when they are being

totally unreasonable and shouting empty threats at you.

Price Control

People want the best possible price for whatever they are shopping for and will

hunt around for the best bargains. This could be a logistical headache for

dropshipping companies as you have to cope with all the various fees,

subscription costs and the prices charged by your suppliers. To be able to make a

profit, keep customers happy, and run your business effectively, you need to be

aware of how your prices are affected by these four basic variables:

● Supplier prices are fixed.

● Final sales prices fluctuate.

● eBay charges: listing fees and final sale price percentages.

To effectively control prices and still make the best profit possible, you should

implement the following strategies and use options to your best advantage.

● Use the Buy it Now listing option. You offer your listed items at a

fixed price, the benefit is that you then make the profit you aimed for.

● Buy it Now offers a fixed insertion fee that applies to multiple as

well as individual listings. The fixed insertion fee is usually lower than

other listing fees.

● Setting a reserve price on a listing is another way to control pricing.

The reserve price is the lowest bid that you will accept from customers

on that specific item on auction.

● When using the reserve price option you must make sure not to

forget to adjust your reserve price to accommodate the fact that final

value fees and insertion fees varies. The drawback of using reserved

pricing is that your customers cannot see what the reserve price is and

this can be very annoying for your customers.

● eBay offers a free calculator to assist you in calculating your

various applicable eBay fees. This is a very helpful tool to save time and

lessen stress when having to calculate all the fees and costs involved

with trading on eBay

.●To have more control over your profit margin, you can opt for

setting a higher starting bid in order for you to cover the fixed costs that

you have no control over. These include your eBay listing fees and final

value fees, as well as supplier costs and all applicable taxes and

shipping costs.

Product Fulfillment

Keeping track of the whole fulfillment process is critical as you are competing

with countless sellers daily on eBay. If your customers are unhappy, they will

very quickly go and find what they are looking for from another seller and your

reputation will soon be in shreds.

The fulfillment process can be frustrating for any dropshipping business as you

do not physically handle the products, you fully rely on your suppliers to

accomplish fulfillment smoothly and fast.

You want to source and retain suppliers that have their finger on the pulse of

their business and will keep you up to date during the fulfillment process and

immediately contact you to inform you should there be a problem or the

possibility of delays. This will allow you to communicate with your customer

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