Get More Targeted Results From Search Engines like GOOGLE

Search Engines Like Google remains major and powerful tools of our daily lives . Nowadays even toddlers have an idea what googling is all about .

Now,the big question remains ,do we really know how to get the best out this great innovations? the answer is of course is as good as mine ,we don’t . For instance a quite number of Google users don’t know that when you want to search for a particular item that you
describe in multiple words, enclose the entire phrase in quotation marks.

This forces Google to search for the exact phrase, and thus returns more targeted
results. For example, if you’re searching for Climate Change , you could enter climate change
as your query, and you’d get acceptable results; the results will include
pages that include both the words “climate” and “change .”

But these results will include not only pages about the changes in climate , but also pages about
weather in general and more .

To limit the results just to pages about the Climate Change , you want to
search for pages that include the two words in that precise order. So you should
enter the query “Climate Change ”—making sure to include the quotation marks.
This way if the word “Climate ” occurs at the top of a page and “Change” occurs
at the bottom, it won’t be listed in the search results.
Let’s take this a step further. Want to search for the phrase Climate Change ? Enter “Climate Change ”. Your results will be
much more targeted and with better results

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