Fast Growing Areas ,Giving Investors sleepless nights Within Meru Town .

Meru Town

Meru County has developed to become one of the hottest counties in areas real estate ,education,business,transport and technology . Meru is vastly known for its Miraa (khat) production and the flying vehicles transporting the sort after crop . It is also known for serene green environment and food richness .In 2023 , Meru County is home to some of the best universities in the Country e.g University Of Nairobi Mural , Mount Kenya University , Meru University ,Kemu University and many more .Recently Meru County has become a huge attraction for real estate spaces for both commercial and residential settings . We have compiled below , some of the hiking hotspots that are being sort after within Meru Town by various investors .


Being in direct linkage with Meru Central Business District just past the newly constructed Naivas Mall , Mwendantu has become the new hotspot for highrise buildings fit for offices setups ,luxurious havens and serene spaces for many kinds of residential settings .Many people in Meru County have likened the place to the New Upper Hill In Nairobi County . Its is well known for low traffics due to its direct connection to the Western Bypass and the Meru -Nkubu -Nairobi Highway .


Situated along the Meru-Nanyuki highway , its the new hub of commercial rentals ,students hostels and hospitals .Just 400 Metres from the reknowned Makutano Market , Kambakia has become a prime area for investors . Many recreational facilities are coming up fast within the area . Rentals are a good catch to go by , thanks to the Meru Polytechnic Institute .

3. Kithoka

Located along the Meru-Mau Highway , Kithoka has become a hotcake for residential and commercial investments . Dubbed the ‘New Karen ‘ , its has recently attracted many businessmen and politicians to have a piece of their own in the area . Also known for its famous Freds Academy ( Group of Schools) that produces some of the best performing students in the Country .

4.Kinoru Stadium

Avoiding the market dramas and traffic, Kinoru is the ultimate ventilator of Meru Town . Housing the reknowned Kinoru Stadium , its is actually one of the best places to buy a residential or commercial rental space . There is 24hr fresh and clean pipe water supply thanks to the MEWASS Company .


Known for high rising buildings , the place is a good candidate for profit making rentals . Housing one of the best Private Universities in Kenya , I.e KEMU .This area has high demand for accomodation and recreational spaces .There is close to no traffic within the area due to the Southern Bypass exit .The area is very populated by the middle class thus best fit for strategic commercial settings .

1/4 acre plot for sale at Rangau next to co-op 2 near victory church Ongata Rongai @ KSH 1.8M. Under  DISTRESS plot Whatsapp:0782287331 Call:0722693861

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A lucrative piece of land , suitable for commercial , residential and even agriculture . Its is situated in Kiirua Town ,Meru County . Just 150 Metres from the Highway . 900 Metres  from Meru Town . Please call 0722693861 for more information.

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1/4 Acre Of Land For Sale Behind Tuala Town Town ,Kajiado County .Water and Electricity Already On the Plot. Next To ACK Past Maasai School. Whatsapp :0782287331 Call:0722693861

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3/4 Plot, Kilungu road Ngong road ,Adams arcade,( Kshs185M) Whatsapp :0782287331  Call: 0722693861  

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1/2 acre commercial plot for sale behind RYNA PLAZA Ongata Rongai town @ KSH 58M   Whatsapp : 0782287331 Call: 0722693861

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