Atysian World  is a leading  Micro Search Engine  & Online Portal that  Offers  Internet users with Optimized Microfocused search results, Data analytics , Business Navigation ,Shopping & Digital Services . Connecting Buyers & Sellers across the Globe.Trusted adviser and Market to Sell  & Promote your Products or Services Fast , Free & Secure . Hub of various software solutions, consulting and services in the World .
Atysian World delivers high quality, cost-effective services for our clients & the free world who are willing address their specific business needs by leveraging the full capabilities of MicroDirect ,MicroSearch & Data Convenience Solutions as well as other integral IOT technologies.

Atysian World solution delivery approach is based on the industry best known ethical practices. Our delivery methodology, combined with our experienced staff, ensure successful implementation, customization and optimization of your technology solution to meet your business or service needs.

Atysian World  was established in 2021  by its Founder Black Shepherd ,a Computer  Scientist, Entrepreneur & a Life Student & A Team Of Computer Technologists .
Our Executive & technical team of dedicated industry experts helps our customers & the free World to gain a business advantage through the maximum use of world leading software technologies.

We can assist your Business ,Company or Organisation with services that range from SEO Services ,Web Development ,Web & Digital Marketing ,System Requirements analysis, business strategy & development ,system integration & architecture, Deployment and General Business consultancy services, with all the reassurance of on and off-site support for the solution.

Atysian World is also a leading Growth digital marketing agency serving eCommerce and hyper growth ready businesses. Software Purpose built for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers,Social Marketers ,drop-shippers, Amazon FBA sellers, social influence-rs, and day to day entrepreneurs for mastering the business essentials with little Microfocused Spending.

Our Core Values Are:

Diversity and Inclusion
We bring different lived experiences and a range of backgrounds across the World into a shared environment where everyone has equal opportunity to excel .Working with you as an experienced partner to help you achieve your goals and vision.

Guided by our unique craftsmanship of our products ,services & interlinking , we provide highest standards that ensures relevant,timely ,  well documented, robust, optimized and easy to adopt solutions

We prioritize strong ethics for everyone that represent our organization as well as our partners welfare & behavior across the World . 

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