6 Creative Ways To Invest in Your Land 2023

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When people think about vacant land or space , they hardly get creative.In Countries like Kenya , you have individuals with large chunks of land but unable to utilize them . The most typical response is someone wanting to build a house one day, or a pro-investor looking to expand their portfolio. It’s hard to get your imagination going when looking at raw land. It’s just so … empty. Understanding the zoning of a parcel can really help you narrow down ideas and dream up different possibilities and uses.Here are possibly better and creative way to turn that piece of your land profitable :

1. Outdoor Photography Studio

This is another great idea that requires no maintenance. You can rent the land to photographers and filmmakers looking for a natural setting. It presents options to capture wedding and family shoots, to wildlife shots and natural landscapes. You can even keep it to yourself as an idyllic spot to practice your aim or test out that new .

2. Camping

Find that perfect property to turn into a camping site! Enjoy the peace and quiet where no one will bother you, or invite some friends and enjoy late-night chats by the fire. Don’t forget to take a glance at the stars! Away from the cities and towns, they will become clear and truly sparkle.

3. Treehouse

Remember when you were a kid and the allure of a treehouse practically overwhelmed you? Even if you grew up in suburbia, the neighborhood kid with the treehouse was one of the coolest. You can build your own treehouse! Make it a fun project with your kids, or just a great spot to hang out on the weekends, and enjoy a couple of sunsets.

4. Summer Camp

This is a brilliant idea, especially if your property is near water. A children’s summer camp is a great way to give back to the community and to make money. Many kids love to be outside, so having elements of raw land around them will spark their imaginations and encourage them to be creative while they explore the place.

5. Outdoor Storage

This is a great passive business idea because you won’t have to do much to the land to get it ready. You could cater to all seasons by storing boats, kayaks, and jet skis in the winter, and then switch over to storing snowmobiles in the summer. It wouldn’t take much capital to setup, maybe just a fence around the lot with a security system.

6.Drive-In Theatre

What was once common is now a hard to find commodity. I’ve only been able to find a handful of drive-in theatres, but every time I’ve gone it’s been packed! I think it’s the nostalgia factor combined with the scarcity of it. This is a great way to convert your empty parcel into an entertainment unit that makes you some money. All you need is a large screen, a projector, and a space for cars to park. Plus, think of all the movies you could watch!

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